I was admitted to the Bar in 2000. I am also qualified as a Chartered Accountant (2001).

Before joining the independent Bar in 2020, I was employed by a top Barrister since 2016. During that time, I appeared as junior counsel in a number of jury trials involving large drug importations, sexual violence, and serious assaults. I also developed a practice in my own right with some success.


I am based in Auckland. I specialise in Criminal , Traffic and Transport Law and also Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act matters. I regularly appear in the District and High Courts.
I have appeared in the New Zealand Court of Appeal and before the Parole Board.


I provide sound, practical and intelligent advice. I am able to take private instructions directly (although there are occasions when I will be required to be instructed by a solicitor) and legally aided matters to PAL 2, Civil and Court of  Appeal and Supreme Court.

Prior to working as a Barrister I was employed overseas for a number of multinational companies and advised in approximately 35 different countries. I have travelled extensively. These experiences have shaped me for the better. I understand the human condition and am adept at quickly adapting to any situation that is before me.


I fearlessly fight for the interests of my clients in order to obtain the best possible outcome.


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  • Provider Approvals Levels 1 - 2

  • Court of Appeal and Supreme Court 

  • Civil

  • Duty Lawyer

  • Police Detention Legal Assistance (PDLA)

  • Bachelor of Laws (Victoria University of Wellington, 1997)

  • Bachelor of Commerce (University of Otago, 1996)

  • Chartered Accountant (2001)

  • Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand

  • Legal Practioner Supreme Court of New South Wales

  • New Zealand Law Society

  • New Zealand Bar Association 

  • Auckland District Law Society

  • Criminal Bar Association

  • Defense Lawyers Association of New Zealand

  • Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand





  • Bail Applications

  • Serious Assaults

  • Burglary

  • Drug Offending

  • Fraud, Dishonesty and Theft

  • Sexual offending

  • Discharges without Conviction

  • Defended Hearings

  • Appeals




  • Drink or  Drug Driving

  • Careless or Dangerous Driving (and Causing Injury or Death)

  • Driving whilst Disqualified or Suspended

  • Limited (Work or Temporary) Drivers Licences


  • This is a very complex area of law in New Zealand



T v R

My client was charged with injuring with intent to injure and assault with intent to injure. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years and five months imprisonment. On appeal to the High Court, I argued that the starting point reached was too high. The sentence was reduced to a sentence of two years with leave to apply for home detention. Ultimately, a sentence of home detention was imposed.

R v Police

My client was charged with threatening to kill and dangerous driving. In the District Court he was sentenced to six months imprisonment. On appeal to the High Court, I argued that the sentencing Judge erred in that he did not consider an electronically monitored sentence. In the High Court the sentence was reduced to community detention and supervision.

Police v R

My client was charged with his 21st and 22nd offence of driving whilst disqualified and failing to stop when directed. The above offending would normally a sentence of imprisonment and a disqualification from driving for at least three years. I argued that there were significant mitigating factors including my client's mental heath, the support he provides his family and prospects of rehabilitation.

My client was sentenced to six months community detention and 14 months intensive supervision with no further disqualification from driving.

Police v K

My client was charged with causing grievous bodily harm by reckless disregard in relation to the complainant who had suffered a broken hip. After the defence argued that my client acted reasonably and did not have the necessary intent at a judge alone trial. The judge found that the police case was not proved and my client was acquitted.

M v R

Appeared as junior counsel presenting oral argument to the Court of Appeal. Client appealed sentence of four years on the grounds that the sentencing Judge did not give sufficient discount for our client's youth at the time of the offending. The sentence was reduced to three years and seven months imprisonment.
Also, our client's name was removed  from the Child Sex Offender's Register as it could not be proved conclusively that he was 18 years of age at the time of the offending.

Police v D

My client was charged with possession of cannabis and driving whilst disqualified. The police had received information that my client was going to harm himself. The police went to my client’s address. I challenged the legality of the search at my client’s address. After some discussion with police all charges against my client were withdrawn.



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